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Handmade earrings

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I am available for taking on new work. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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My skills and specialities include arts and crafts,Make up, Fashion Modeling, Blogging, and Getting Things Done.

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My portfolio showcases various handmade earrings made by me.

These earrings are very affordable and durable.

You can follow me on Instagram@royaltys_vogue


About Me

I started making earrings as a hobby,I love creating new things.

I created few earrings for my personal use,then I started getting compliments and people telling me to make for them.So I decided to start making money from what I love doing.😊

I love creativity,it’s my hobby and it makes me happy whenever I create things,I become happier when I see people using what I created.

I have health issues,and I’m not expected to stress myself,but I can’t help it, making earrings make me happy,and helps me discover myself more.

I love my work and hobby 😎



Get in Touch

10 Street Road
City, 10100
  • 22, ishola salisu
  • Egan, Igando
  • Lagos
  • royaltysvogue@gmail.com


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